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In the present days we have in production range more than 50 types PET and HDPE bottles in various shapes, colours and volumes according to the specification of our clients.

We produce on our blowing machine PET bottles in diameter of neck finished 28 mm PCO/BPF, neck finished 38 mm in volume 0,2 – 2 l and neck finished 43 mm in volume 3,0 – 12,0 l.



We produce and deliver caps in various colors for neck finished 28 mm PCO/BPF, diameter 38 and 43 mm.


We produce PET preforms - in various weights and colours for production of PET bottles.

PET preforms standard neck finished is 28 mm, 38 mm and 43 mm.

Sleeve shrink labels

  • available for packaging in various containers and shapes

  • labels are shrinkable and copy shape of packaging

  • usage of sleeve labels give more attractive look to your products

  • possibility of inside print grant durability and possibility not to contact with other packaging (usage of sleeve labels on pots)

  • print of sleeve labels in process FLEXO or ROTO gravure


Pouches are produced in shape and size according to customer’s technical specification in several layers composition with possibility to supplement aluminum layer for sensitive products.

Pouch volume range is possible from 80 to 1000 ml. Pouches are used in diary and drink industry, in cosmetic industry also.

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